At Boring Money we run the numbers, grill the boffins and check out the markets so you don't have to. Straight-talking independent tips. Who's hot. And who's not.

Tired Parents

A judgement-free zone for parents who hear from Iggle Piggle more than the Chancellor. Tips on wills, life cover & savings for the little tykes. Super-quick online options. Written by tired parents for tired parents.

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Ladies Losing Out

Straight-talking help for women who know there’s a smarter option than getting 0.0001% interest on cash, but can’t wade through the financial mud to find it. ISAs? Pensions? Girls wanna have funds. We show you how.

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Rebellious Renters

We live for today, yeah? But underneath, we have a niggling feeling we don't want to eat pot noodles forever. Here's how to start with savings and investments without turning into our parents.

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Sandwich Man

Ageing parents on one side? Expensive kids on the other? You may be the meat in this financial sandwich, but use your loaf, follow our four top tips and stop bloody worrying.

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Stocks. Shares. Bonds. Here’s a secret: you don’t need a PHD in economics to feed your financial future if you go for a simple investment ready meal.

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ISAs are simply savings accounts where your money is squirrelled away from the tax man. You can stash up to £15,240 a year in these (mostly) tax-free drawers.

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Sorry. Dropped off there. Yes, pensions are boring. But not being able to retire before you are 103 is worse. Let us show you some pain-free ways to tackle this

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They're a bit like an online financial supermarket. A single online account where you stash all your shares, funds, ISAs and a pension under one roof.

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A delicious selection of snacks to tackle those financial cravings

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How much will your retirement income be?

Pensions Explained
Think of your income in retirement like a cocktail with three shots – State, Workplace and Private. We’ll help you work out how strong yours might be.

Which ISAs do we like?

ISAs Explained
Thinking about a stocks & shares ISA but not sure where to start? See who we rate on the Boring Money ISA menu.

What is a Fund Manager?

This short video will explain who these guys are and how they can help.

Retirement Income

Saving for retirement is a turn-off that's turning millions of women away from potential investment gains


Calling all tired parents

Why tired parents are missing easy fixes to give their family a more secure future

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Holly and the team have worked in the finance industry for many years but we are not regulated to give you personal financial advice, nor are we regulated by the industry watchdog (although we do talk to them a lot). For every story on this site about a good investment, or something which went up by 10% or made someone £200, we could share a story about a bad investment, something which fell by 10% or lost someone £200. Nothing’s certain when investing so if you’re really unsure, or dealing with complicated stuff like working out what to do with a pension when you retire, we’d really suggest you get some financial advice. Here are some tips on  how to pick a good financial adviser. Or check out Unbiased or VouchedFor. Just remember, commission has been banned now so advisers need to be very clear with you about what you are paying them and when.