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The BM Blog: Bloody difficult everything

Holly's Blog
It’s been a bloody difficult week. Cries of strong and stable have gone quiet as the Conservative lead tumbles to 43% against Labour’s 38% in the latest YouGov poll for The Times.
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The BM Blog: Bobcat let loose in the City

Holly's Blog
This week a rather dignified but nonetheless lethal American cat was set amongst the British financial pigeons.
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The BM Blog: The world continues to go mad

Holly's Blog
The eerie suspension of life as we know it continues as politicians fight their own tribe, not the invaders, and global markets seem to put in their ear plugs and ignore the latest ‘antics’ of Trump.
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Why a pension is good for your mental health

Pensions Explained
We know that getting on top of your pension seems daunting but it’s a lot simpler than you think. Sorting your pension can be quick, easy - and it could have a positive effect on your mental health

The BM Blog: Giving Grandparents

Holly's Blog
This week we’re thinking about grandparents as one of the nation’s best-known Grandads decides to retire at 95...

Are you a better investor than a robot?

Robo advisers providing DIY investment have been around for only a matter of months – but it’s long enough for an initial assessment of how their investment performance stacks up so far...

How to pick the right DIY pension for you

Pensions Explained
How to build your own perfect pension: Five easy options to start a SIPP and get money flowing into your retirement pot

The BM Blog: Mugwumps and Marxists

Holly's Blog
Our upcoming closely-fought election continues to grip the nation. Boris Johnson has been in semantic overdrive, calling Corbyn a ‘mutton-headed mugwump’

The BM Blog: Another election! Hooray!

Holly's Blog
Please tell me that this General Election is just a bad dream. Surely even Emmeline Pankhurst would be saying “What’evs”. It’s not a question of What? Or Who? Just How much?
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The BM Blog: Meet LISA – the new account for spring chickens

Holly's Blog
And so a new tax year and Spring is upon us with a new £20,000 annual ISA allowance, a new £4,128 Junior ISA allowance and the new Lifetime ISA for spring chickens who are enviably under 40.
lisa vs h2b

LISA Factsheet

ISAs Explained
A one pager showing the differences between a Help-to-Buy ISA & a Lifetime ISA. We tackle the main questions, share some rules of thumb, & where you can get a LISA today - not as easy as you think!
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The BM Blog: The End of the Beginning

Holly's Blog
Brexit is all over the news as pictures of Theresa May signing THAT letter hit social media. And of course the Mail responds with insightful column inches on our leaders’ legs...
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