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The BM Blog: Dreams of (grand)Dad dancing on a cruise ship? Not so fast…

Holly's Blog
Planning a retirement swanning around the world and behaving badly? Maybe delay those plans as Gov recommends raising the State Pension age to 70 for some...
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Big changes looming for car owners which could cost you £1000s

From 1st April 2017, all new cars will face a significant increase in their tax demands during their first year of registration.

Which ISA suits you?

ISAs Explained
Stuck on which provider to choose? See who we rate. An edited version of this piece was published in the Mail on Sunday on 19th March 2017.

Photo Competition – Win 200 Pounds!

Boring Money are looking for photographers to capture images of people that reflect the Boring Money ‘Tribes’! Read on for more information on the competition...
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The BM Blog: U-turns, ISAs and investor reviews

Holly's Blog
It’s been a shocker of a week for the Chancellor whose U-turn left him under the wheels of the Number 10 bus.
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Stocks and shares ISA ratings

ISAs Explained
Have a look at what our survey with 218 investors revealed about their experiences with some of the leading online stocks and shares ISA brands out there...
TF Childcare

Tax-Free Childcare: What is it and is it worth it?

Tired Parents
Although the introduction a 20% top up of your childcare funds from the Government sounds good in theory, it is not necessarily the best option for all. What exactly is it and will it benefit you?
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The BM Blog: The Budget, “stuffy” Hargreaves and a disappointed Halifax saver

Holly's Blog
In a dazzle of sequins and a chorus of showgirls (not), Philip Hammond gave us a pretty uneventful Budget this week, as he steadies the ship for the Brexit headwinds. Here’s how it might impact you.
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The BM Blog: Taboo, Snap and all time market highs

Holly's Blog
Why is Tom Hardy in a financial blog? His bizarrely attractive drawl of "I have a use for you!" should be the backing track as our thoughts turn to ISAs and pensions in the last slice of this tax year
Investments Landing

The BM Blog: Investment ideas, robots and tumultuous Doris

Holly's Blog
This week is all about 3 burning questions. Where and how can an unconfident investor get started? Will robots take over the world of investing too? And who on earth calls a violent storm Doris?
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Beginners – how to get going in the stockmarket with £10,000

Read of the week
Investing should be a simple process and yet the finance industry has veiled it in layers of complexity and jargon. Let’s break the decision making process into 3 simple parts.
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The BM Blog: Why a Knickerbocker Glory doesn’t cost 25p in Wimpy anymore

Holly's Blog
This week, inflation went up to 1.8%. On the face of it, that’s a pretty dull topic. Not first date conversation stuff. But wait! Here are 7 interesting inflation facts and tips...
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