I'm in my first 'proper' job and want to start thinking about saving f

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Emily LondonRebellious Renters

I’m in my first ‘proper’ job and want to start thinking about saving for a private pension, but feel so lost. Where can I begin?

This is not full-fat regulated capital 'A' advice - that costs.And you need to see a financial adviser for that. But hopefully this is some useful food for thought.
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John Chapman

Your first point of call is to ask your employer. All companies will have to provide a workplace pension and you should ask your employer, if they haven’t already done so, when will they be providing you with a workplace pension.
Once your company has started your pension scheme, by April 2019 you will be contributing 5% of your salary, each month, to your pension. Think about whether or not you can afford to contribute more than this and if you can, you should consider either making further contributions to your employers scheme or setting up a personal pension. Have a look at the “About pensions” section of www.pensionsadvisoryservice.org.uk, this will give you a wealth of information on the different types of pensions available.


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