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So here’s the deal

There are thousands of funds out there, all with different flavours. This means it can be hard to seperate the wheat from the chaff. But funds are the best way to get expert help on picking the right investments.

Havent a clue?

Most investment platforms offer preferred pick lists. This is like getting John Lewis to tell what washing machine you should buy!

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What Kind of Fund Can I Get?

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Passive aggressive

Passive Funds Explained

Great for beginners, these low-cost mellow fellows back every big horse in the race.
Equity Income funds

Equity income funds

These funds get you invested in the stock market and also try and pay out some cash, or income, along the way.

Multi asset funds

The investment equivalent of a balanced meal. Instead of meat, rice and veg, you’ll get some shares, bonds and cash blended for you.
bonds shares

Bonds, shares, UK or global? Help!

There are different investment ingredients. Here’s what they are.

Financial advisers’ favourite funds...

See what’s in the playlists of the UK’s financial advisers

Hear from a funds expert

Holly talks to Hargreaves Lansdown’s Head of Research – best fund managers, markets and Strictly! Mark Dampier shares his 5 favourite fund managers.

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Important stuff!

Holly and the team have worked in the finance industry for many years but we are not regulated to give you personal financial advice, nor are we regulated by the industry watchdog (although we do talk to them a lot). For every story on this site about a good investment, or something which went up by 10% or made someone £200, we could share a story about a bad investment, something which fell by 10% or lost someone £200. Nothing’s certain when investing so if you’re really unsure, or dealing with complicated stuff like working out what to do with a pension when you retire, we’d really suggest you get some financial advice. Here are some tips on  how to pick a good financial adviser. Or check out Unbiased or VouchedFor. Just remember, commission has been banned now so advisers need to be very clear with you about what you are paying them and when.