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Boring Money advice

Boring Money advice

We do our best to take your questions and share opinions and ideas from our voluntary network of financial professionals.

I'm 50 now and hope to retire at 60. I have been paying into Vanguard Lifestrategy for a few months now. I have just 9.5 years to pay in and grow, do you think this is a long enough period to invest in or should...


Read Holly Mackay's response

I'm thinking of moving into a drawdown SIPP, taking my 25% and leaving the rest invested until I need a regular income in my mid 60s. I am trying to find a financial adviser willing to review my plans, but they a...


Read Catherine Morgan's response

I have opened my first Stocks and Shares ISA, and have a company pension on the new standard 5%/3% contributions. I have enough easy access savings to cover emergencies so I was wondering what would be a next goo...


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I am confused about financial services compensation: I have a SIPP and an ISA with AJ Bell Youinvest, and am about to inherit a sizeable sum. I am already over the £85,000 financial services compensation limit. S...


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