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Too many people sit in limp current accounts because they don’t know what else to do. And money is a massive cause of anxiety, stress and concern. It make most people feel too thick. Too poor. And like they’re bottom of the class! We know that 95% of people feel like this and our mission is to help.

Everything you read on this site is a genuine opinion. No-one tells us what to say or slips us a tenner to suck up to them. There’s no links to anything sub-standard because we’ve been paid for it. If we like third-party content, we use it. If we don’t, we don’t.

I am very conscious that people trust us with their decisions about what to do with their savings. That is a huge responsibility. Neither I nor anyone who works for me will abuse that.

I set up Boring Money after 17 years in the investment markets, watching in amazement as grey people in suits spout torrents of waffle which no-one normal understands.
Basic investing is no harder than Dragon’s Den. You back the world’s leading companies and hope that they continue to make more money than they spend in production.

Trouble is, this all gets wrapped in layers of jargon and rules and acronyms and the Government adds to the kerfuffle by tinkering with the rules all the time – so we end up with complex 20 page reports which make no sense unless you are an actuary.

Boring Money is designed to help people to make some sensible decisions. To validate what they’re up to. And to feel confident about putting their money to work.

I have learnt that we make more money by being honest – because you lot trust us, you come to the site, you engage, you leave reviews and you tell us what you like – we can then use all these insights to sell consultancy and research back to the industry and help them lift their game.

Thanks for visiting our site – if you like it, please tell your friends. Word of mouth is great for us and I’d rather not spend any more than I need to on Google or the evil empire of Facebook :0)


Whats next? Try one of these three routes through the site



Take the quiz, find your Money Tribe 

If you are totally unsure where to start, our simple Money Tribes quiz will help.

In less than two minutes, the quiz will take you through six questions. This will allow you to find out which Money Tribe you belong to. This will allow you to find identify which life stage you are at, 
pinpoint three things to prioritise and get you started.



Visit the Investing Guides

Our learning guides are been put together to take you through all aspects of your investment journey. 

We have created Product Guides to cover the basics of the variety of products and services the industry offers, and how best to use them.  

Our Learning Paths allow you to explore the relevant steps needed to achieve specific investment goals. 

We also have a library that covers all manner of content, from opinion pieces to interviews. 

Still unsure? You can use our "Ask the experts" section to submit a question to our panel of experts. 



Just want to know who is best?

Our independent team has scoured the markets, set up test accounts and really put these companies through their paces.  

But, you don't need to take our word for it.Our Best Buy tables also show how thousands of other investors rate their providers. Who do they think does what the best? How likely are they to recommend?

100% independent opinion and analysis. No sneaky click-through deals. 

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