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What And Who Is Boring Money?

Boring Money is an independent business which has been set up to help normal people who don't have PhDs in finance make some smart investment decisions quickly and painlessly.

Founder and MD Holly Mackay has worked in the investment industry for about 20 years, watching an endless procession of the Old School Brigade wanting to “educate” investors and force them to read pages of gobbledygook until they feel like banging their heads against walls. She thinks this is unhelpful.

We don’t believe that you need to get off on economics or be able to calculate the square root of 1,156 in your head, to make some sensible decisions about your finances. Here’s a little secret which most people in finance won’t tell you. Once you get through the torrent of jargon and pie charts, sensible mainstream investing can actually be quite easy………………shhhhhh!

Boring Money is for anyone who thinks that investments are, well, just a little bit boring. For anyone who wants some validation about what you're planning. Our mission is to cut through the cr@p, to explain stuff in normal language and to help everyone who has ever felt a bit alienated, patronised or simply cross-eyed and exhausted, to make some good decisions and to get those financial monkeys off your back.

We can’t give you regulated financial advice or learn about your individual circumstances and make personal recommendations. But we can explain the issues, make some suggestions and also tell you who we think is any good. Have a look in our Tribes pages to see what other people at similar life stages to you are getting up to.

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