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  • Your own dedicated financial adviser to talk you through everything you need to know, online and by phone.

  • Free phone consultation. One off inital fee of £499 + the ongoing advice fee of 0.4% (+ investment fees) if you decide to go ahead.

  • The ongoing advice fee (from 0.4%) will be paid as well as a fee for the investments in your pension - expect to pay approx. 0.75% for these - so that would be about 1.15% a year in total for the whole package.

  • Aimed at people with over £50,000

  • For those planning to retire in the next 1-5 years and who want to speak to a "human".

  • They offer holistic advice including cash flow modelling – this simply means they’ll give you advice across all your retirement money and use clever visuals to help you see your income throughout retirement.

  • It's NOT the provider for those looking for a saving product or those with smaller amounts looking for more investment specific advice.

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Standard Life Aberdeen rebranded to abrdn in 2021, so if you see a reference to Standard Life in a review don't be alarmed.

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Cost (£10k): N/A

Cost (£100k): £499 one off and from £400 annual charge + investment fees

Customer Case Study

Here is how customers of Abrdn have used them.

Karen's story

After a recent divorce and being made redundant from her job, Karen, 61, was considering her next move. Should she look for new employment, or could she retire?

She hadn't previously dealt with her finances in much detail and wasn't sure if she had enough to take the big step. But she did know what she wanted in retirement - living life to the full in the early years, with money to support her daughter and spend on holidays or home renovations.

As a first step, Karen needed to establish how much she would need to make this a reality - a figure her financial adviser calculated to be £17,000 a year. However, she also had to think about how she could make her goals a reality while trying to ensure her income would last.

With careful planning, Karen and her adviser were able to 'shape' her income plans. Karen's £17,000 a year could be paid up until age 65, at which point she could reduce her income to £14,000 to try to make her savings last up until the age of 95 - an option she felt would give her the retirement she wanted, while also really making the most of her retirement's first four years.

With all of this in place, Karen felt she could confidently wave the world of work goodbye and put her retirement plans into action.

Karen said: "I knew what I wanted from my retirement. What I didn't know was whether what I had meant that I could take the plunge now, or whether I'd need to stay in work a little longer, and how much I could afford to spend in the years to come.

I really valued having that extra bit of support from an adviser when thinking about my future. Ultimately, it meant I felt more in control of my finances and could confidently make the decision to wave the office goodbye."