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Destination Retirement is brought to you by HUB Financial Solutions, retirement specialists in the UK and are part of Just Group plc - a FTSE 250 company.

  • Destination Retirement is a digital platform designed to help you understand how best to use and spend your retirement savings to minimise tax payments. There is the option of speaking to one of their customer support team at each stage of the journey, helping you understand your retirement options and work out the right plan for you.

  • It allows you to create a free personalised retirement plan based on what you want to spend your money on in retirement.

  • It is a lower cost option than the average for traditional financial advice.

  • There is an initial advice fee of £299, only payable if you wish to put your free personalised plan into action.

  • The fee for ongoing advice is 0.75% of the invested assets (£750 based on invested assets of £100k).

  • There are further charges for product and investment funds, equating to a total fee of between 1.04% and 1.09% for the entire package. Any annuity purchase will attract a separate 2% one off advice fee with no on-going charge.

  • Aimed at folks aged 55+ thinking about their retirement options.

  • Not the provider for those looking to accumulate or who are just starting investing for the first time.

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Cost (£10k): N/A

Cost (£100k): £299 one off plus £750 annual charge +investment fees