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Personal investment advice from a Moneyfarm adviser is included in one single fee. Dedicated to you, you can talk anything through with the adviser from your financial plans to market events.

  • Minimum investment is £500.

  • Their fees are a bit more complex than others - they have a tiered structure which gets cheaper the more you invest. Starting at 0.75% for anything under £10,000 reducing to 0.35% on anything over £100,000 invested.

  • Qualified advisers at your fingertips (well, keyboard mainly).

  • Good if you’d like reassurance that you’re in the right portfolio for your right level of risk.

  • Easy to use app and pretty slick digitally.

  • It's investment focussed and they have 7 in-house portfolios they can recommend. Not for share traders, those who want to pick funds, or those looking for broader financial advice across all product sets including mortgages and/or insurance.

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The details

Cost (£10k): £104 (total)

Cost (£100k): £855 (total)