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Chaeli Nandlall

Associate Director, Fidelity Wealth Management - Guidance



About me

I love investments and all things financial services! I have worked within the financial services industry for almost two decades and I am as dedicated, passionate and excited by what we can help people achieve as I was on my first day. During my career I have spent many years studying professional qualifications including in the areas of mortgages, pensions and investments and I am proud to be Level 6 industry qualified.

As part of the Fidelity Wealth Management Leadership team I am in a position to look for and implement ways that my team can support our clients to achieve both their current and future goals. As a mum of two children, I know how important, yet sometimes a worry, these goals are. When forming my own goals I reflect on the events that impacted me growing up - my first new (used!) car at 17, flying to another country to travel, the incredible feeling of buying my first property and how supporting my own children achieve some of these goals would feel.

As I have moved through my career and expanded my knowledge of specialist financial service sectors, I have discovered areas I may not have fully considered at the beginning of my own financial wellness journey, such as: how will my aging parents be supported? What do I really want to do in retirement (visit Argentina and do more volunteering work!) and how will I get there? Having a team of people around me who specialise in all these areas helps me focus on my own timeline and my team support our clients across these areas and many more.

Outside of Fidelity Wealth Management, you will find me listening to podcasts (Diary of a CEO is a firm favourite right now!) or walking endless forests in search of the secret world my 5 year old insists there is!

As a Boring Money ambassador, I am able to offer support and guidance on financial matters, but I am unable to give personal recommendations or advice.

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I like helping people on:


Ageing Parents


Being a Mum


Financial coaching


Investment guidance

My qualifications:


BA (hons) Business Management with Leadership Practice