Dylan Tomkins

Dylan Tomkins

Director of AiMS Financial & Financial Planner



About me

I've been based in Ashford providing independent financial advice since 1996, but two years ago I took the decision to refocus my firm's service to reflect fundamental changes in the type of advice and support clients are looking for.

I'm one of a handful of financial advisers that have passed the Initiative of Financial Wellbeing (IFW) certificate. Financial wellbeing is a new concept but I strongly believe it will be the fundamental essence for future financial advice. Essentially it's about helping clients to realise and understand their own motivations and ambitions, really getting to the bottom of what they would like to get out of life. So many people have preconceptions about what they should do with their wealth, but financial wellbeing helps them to unlock the potential for a different, better and more fulfilling life. I believe it's our job to facilitate their journey towards leading happier and healthier lives.

Last year we launched a simple four step programme - 'the AiMS discovery journey’ - which has been developed in line with guidance from the initiative for financial wellbeing. Our approach aims to empower clients, helping them to achieve greater financial freedom, purpose and resilience. The journey starts with a free informal discovery meeting to identify broad goals and priorities, followed by stages to empowerment (strategy development), collaboration (putting the plan into action) and achievment (regular reviews and assessments to demonstrate progress).

In line with our financial planning and support we have simplified the way we charge for our services; we now use a fixed three-tier pricing platform which has been calculated on an hourly rate rather than a percentage of your investment. We have also introduced a new Financial Wellbeing Report, to capture your journey towards achieving your goals.

Along with being passionate about helping people through financial planning, I’m a strong believer in having the right work/life balance. By focussing on wellbeing, I had a chance to consider what's truly important to me, so I subsequently reduced my company to a 4 day week, allowing myself and my team to spend more time with family and friends.

I have many interests, and although my rugby days have passed I still use it as an excuse to meet up with ex-teamates from time to time! I’m blessed with a family that share my passion for skiing and are willing/stupid enough in the winter to follow me all over slippery mountains. I enjoy keeping fit by running, cycling and doing Cross Fit - despite these activities my calories consumed seems to always outweigh the calories burned!

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Diploma in Financial Planning

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