Graham Wells

Financial Coach & Chartered Financial Planner


East Lothian

About me

I’m the founder of GroWiser Financial Coaching and although I no longer recommend specific financial products, I remain a Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. As a member of the International Coaching Federation, I empower clients to make their own financial decisions and improve their relationship with money.

I love helping individuals and couples, mostly in their 40s and 50s, to develop financial knowledge, self-awareness and make bold, exciting plans for the future. I do this independently of product providers and do not offer regulated financial advice. My key aim is to help clients develop a sense of financial wellbeing, which supports the other areas of life that are so important.

Across my 30+ years in financial services, I have spent time as a regulated adviser, supervisor and training consultant. Now, my financial coaching practice brings together a blend of money mentoring and behavioural coaching. This highly rewarding role offers financial planning to clients who may not want or need regulated advice, but want to be in control of their own financial future.

My details

I like helping people on:


Investment guidance


Financial coaching


Pensions – Getting started

My qualifications:


Chartered Financial Planner


Certification in Financial Coaching

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Fixed £ fee