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Ian Hewett

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About me

My name is Ian Hewett – The Bearded Mortgage Broker! I am an award-winning independent mortgage and protection broker based in Kent. I work diligently to find the right solution for your mortgage and protection needs, whatever your circumstances. I will leave no stone unturned!

I try to breakdown the jargon that our industry uses too much, because how can you know what you don't know?

I have worked in the service industry for over 30 years and take great pride in my own service levels. The reason I became a mortgage and protection broker is to help people secure a home and to protect them from any future issues. I love it when I get the call that a client has picked up their keys and moved in - it's a great feeling. To ensure the full package, I also offer an estate planning and will writing service, so you know you are fully covered for all eventualities.

I have many interests outside of work, from volunteering to board trainee guide dogs to being a community councillor and charity fundraiser. I go to live music and comedy nights (when when we're allowed to leave the house) and enjoy most sports. However, my favourite thing to do is spend time with my wife Louise and my daughter Sophie.

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