Jamie Flook

Jamie Flook

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About me

I’m a financial planner at Magenta Financial Planning and you can usually find me just outside of Bristol, where I live and Bridgend, where the Magenta office is based.

I live with my partner in an old cottage, which is a labour of love (the cottage that is!).

I walk a lot in the local area, sometimes run if I have the energy, and love to listen to podcasts when I’m on the road travelling.

I’m passionate about helping out three types of people:

1) those going through a big change in their life;

2) those who want their money to go good in the world;

3) women who need help with their finances.

At Magenta we know that women are massively under-served when it comes to getting financial planning help that speaks to them and that they can trust. We have a team of predominantly women providing first class advice to women. I’m the only man in the company, making me the man at Magenta!

Magenta are a multi-award winning team and are proud members of UK Sustainable Investment Foundation (UKSIF). We have lots of experience helping our clients make their money do good in the world, whilst ensuring they are financially secure themselves.

Most of our clients come to us when change is on the horizon; whether it is retirement, or a change in family circumstances. We have seen it all and we take the time to really understand what you’re going through and how we can best help.

My details

I like helping people on:


Inheritance planning


Pensions - Approaching retirement


Socially responsible investing


Investment guidance

My qualifications:


Chartered Financial Planner

My charging model:


Ongoing % fee