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Lena Patel




About me

I am a Fellow and Chartered Financial Planner of the Personal Finance society.

I specialise in working with people who are:

Going through divorce

Planning, before, during or after retirement

Women who through their own choice, divorce or bereavement, are single

The business bit

I have over 25 years’ experience in financial services much of it with Barclays and Santander.

However, as the corporate world changed, it became clear to me that if I was to give my clients the best possible service, and truly independent financial advice, the only way to do that was to run my own business.

That’s when ISJ Independent Financial Planning was born.

Over the past 6 years, I have spent many long hours building and honing our client proposition, to make sure it meets the needs of our clients. Alongside studying to graduate as a Chartered and Fellow Financial Planner.

Having achieved this prestigious status, puts me in an elite bracket of advisers, only reached after years of study and binds me to a code of ethics to which I must adhere to.

Now that task has been completed, I can look forward to the bit I really enjoy; providing independent financial advice to my clients, both existing and new.

The personal bit

As a working single mum with three children; Isha 20, Shaylen 24, and Joshua 10 (their initials are the inspiration behind my business’s name) balancing their requirements, with those of my clients and the business, isn’t always easy. But, it’s a challenge I enjoy.

When time allows, I also enjoy going to the gym, reading and may also partake in the occasional gin & tonic!

My details

I like helping people on:


Being a Single Mum




Empty Nesting



My qualifications:


Fellow of Personal Finance Society


Chartered Financial Planner


Certificate in Mortgage Advice

My charging model:


Fixed £ fee