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Liam Wood

Liam Wood

Chartered Financial Planner


West Yorkshire

About me

As the 'Online Financial Adviser', I believe that when it comes to your finances, ensuring you receive advice from the most qualified adviser should be your minimum requirement.
Typically, I help clients who are:

• Frustrated about the mound of complicated paperwork they receive relating to their dusty pensions, which they'd like to consolidate into one pot
• Concerned about their Cash ISA’s poor interest rate
• Worried about paying Inheritance Tax, either for themselves or a family member
• Confused by all the new options available to them when they come to retire
• Just want to protect their family if the worst was to happen to them or their partner

I specialise in Pension Set Up, Tax Efficient Contributions and/or Consolidation.

Are you facing a future of financial freedom? Or is your retirement set to be bound within limitations - or even hardship? Whether or not you have a pension, it’s important to ask yourself if you really know the answer to these questions.

We all want to be able to enjoy retirement on our own terms – not just be financially stable, but financially free. However, as busy professionals it is so easy to get all too involved in the here and now to make prudent future plans.

As a self-confessed ‘dusty pensions’ expert, I help people just like you to push towards the future they desire.

Why ‘dusty pensions’? Well, simply ‘having a pension in place’ does not necessarily mean that you are maximising its potential. Putting it in the bottom drawer and forgetting about it until your retirement could mean poor performance and high charges. Both of these factors will have a significant bearing on your capital.

So, whether you have a single pension, several pensions in different pots or no pension at all, I can help you to maximise both your finances and lifestyle in your retirement.

Why Me?

As one of the few regulated advisers to be both Chartered and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, I am well-placed to offer you my friendly and honest advice and expertise.

Other areas of expertise are:
• Tax efficient investments - Investment ISA, EIS and VCTs
• Protection against financial risk - Death and Critical Illness
• Inheritance tax planning
• Cashflow modelling

My details

I like helping people on:


Pensions – I’m getting started


Pensions - I’m approaching retirement


Pensions – I’m retired


Advice to business owners

My qualifications:


Chartered Financial Planner

My charging model:


Fixed £ fee