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Noel Watson

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I’m an Independent Financial Adviser specialising in retirement planning. Before becoming an adviser, I spent 15 years working at various investment banks in the City of London and during this time struggled to find a financial adviser that would help me and my family plan for the future; most were more interested in discussing what great performing investment funds they could sell me. This drove me to study for my financial advising exams and after escaping the City and becoming an adviser I quickly realised that retirement planning was where I could add the most value.

My clients typically come to me leading up to, or at retirement and are looking for comprehensive financial planning to help them answer the key question:

“Have I got enough money to enable me to live the lifestyle I want in retirement without fear of running out of money?”

I am passionate about helping people to achieve better retirement outcomes and have published a book “Planning for retirement: Your guide to financial freedom” to help people navigate this key transition.

Having played numerous sports including rugby, rowing and American football I am now officially retired and coach my son’s rugby team and occasionally plan trips with friends to watch rugby games (difficult in lockdown!). When I have some spare time I try and get out on the bike or take the dog for a long walk.

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Diploma in Financial Planning

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