Philip Dragoumis

Director, Independent Financial Planner



About me

My name is Philip Dragoumis and I am a director, owner and financial planner at Thera Wealth Management based in Central London, and I have had over 25 years of financial services experience.

At Thera we work primarily with four types of client who live mostly in and around London.

  1. Professionals and their families accumulating wealth for retirement

  2. Business owners

  3. Divorcees

  4. US Citizens living in the UK

You may find yourself at an important stage or approaching a crucial transition in life. You may have expensive questions that you want answers to such as:

Do I have enough?

Can I afford to leave a legacy?

When can I pack it all in?

Shall I aim to pay off my mortgage quickly?

When will I be able to afford to do al the things I have ever wanted to do?

How shall I plan my finances and organise my life after my divorce?


✦ We FOCUS on you and what you want to achieve in life
✦ We BUILD your own bespoke financial plan and we help you STICK to it
✦ we ORGANISE your finances, manage your investments and minimize taxation
✦ We PROTECT what's important to you and your family
✦ We ANSWER all your questions ,reduce your stress and give you full clarity over your financial future

✦ We help you ACHIEVE your goals through independent, personalised and comprehensive financial planning

We would love to arrange a no obligation chat at our expense to try and understand what’s important to you and what you would like to achieve.

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Pensions - Approaching retirement


Advice to business owners


Financial coaching

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Certified Financial Planner

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Ongoing % fee