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I spent most of my formal career in Financial Services following on from an economics degree at the LSE. I sort of “fell” into finance as I was practical, a good communicator and good with numbers. I remember thinking that somewhere within the banking industry I would find my dream job.

For the last 10 years of my banking career I worked with Media and Arts clients. I learned how to share and communicate financial "know how" to a client group that often had very little interest in finance other than a recognition that this was something that they should get to grips with.

I left full time employment in 2012 to work with clients on a bespoke and individual basis having grown increasingly frustrated with how Banks chose to manage their client relationships. This also coincided with divorce and grappling with the juggling act that is single parenting.

More recently I trained as a Financial Coach. Financial Coaching for me is the culmination of years of experience of working with clients in a financial context. I am passionate about helping people achieve their best relationship with money and I have already seen how vital and transformational this experience can be.

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