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Tim has always wanted to help people and his psychology background has allowed him to combine a love of numbers and understanding behaviours in financial planning, with various degrees and qualifications to prove it. Tim is a born and bred Bristolian and other than a couple of stints further north as part of University degrees, has lived in various parts of his fantastic hometown his whole life.

Seeking out and engaging financial advice often only happens when something is about to or has happened. It often means an initial discussion will provide a general idea of what something, such as retirement, looks like but not how to. Inevitably there is often a lot of focus on pensions but also how savings and investments can be used as part of a financial plan. The earlier the plan is developed, the more time this gives for steps to be taken. With years of experience of pensions and investments, Tim will research your options and advise you (avoiding jargon) on action to take.

Other than planning retirement, Tim often focuses on deciding next steps after a business sale. Receiving a large sum of money, can give flexibility over what to do next. However major changes are also be scary, especially if it is the result of an entire life’s work. Exploring different ideas for the next stage of working life (or stopping), legacies and charitable gifting necessitate tailored, specific advice. Working within an established company means, if required, there is access to different expertise to help with other important steps, such as working out how best to arrange a business sale or considering more complex investment strategies and structures. This can then all improve the financial position and allow you to achieve your goals.

If you want to look a bit differently at your pensions, money and investments and want to start planning, Tim can offer expert advice to suit you.

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