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Is there a Robo Investor who provides both income and growth for those who are retired? (There must be a large market for this?) It seems to me that at the moment all the Robos focus on long term growth and reinvesting dividends - which is fine if you are younger. Have I got this right? Any comments / thoughts? P.S. I think your website / service is very good


18 January 2019

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Dr Richard Bradley

Thanks for getting in touch, and for the nice feedback on our site.

You’re right – many robo-advisers are focusing more on investors building up assets rather than those taking income.  Most don’t offer pensions yet, and those that do typically don’t offer income drawdown for retirees.  The only one I know of which has specific drawdown functionality is PensionBee:

In terms of the actual investments that robo-advisers make, they’d typically reinvest dividends rather than focus specifically on generating income – they would look at the total return of a portfolio and let investors draw down from that.



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