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Can you advise me on the best approach when looking to invest in a product that offers compound interest? I’m thinking about funds rather than bank accounts. I also have 4 different pensions on the go. Should I keep them separate to diversify the risk? Or consolidate them? How will these pensions be treated when I retire? Will they be considered in aggregate by the tax man?

Craig | Clackmannanshire | 16/08/2018 | 0

Helena Wardle's Response

I have about two thirds of my ISA in funds with Charles Stanley Direct and about one third left with St James's Place. I was planning to transfer the remaining one third to Charles Stanley Direct. However the recent platform price increases seem to put me in the worst position possible. I also have a private St James's Place pension. Would I be correct in thinking the fees are also high on this, and I could do better elsewhere? Can I transfer into an SIPP for example?

Gerry | Bedfordshire | 15/08/2018 | 2

  • Private Pension
  • Online Investment Platforms
  • Funds
Holly Mackay's Response

I invested my money in a St James's Place managed fund, split into ISAs and bonds, after advice from an adviser who was a St James's Place partner. My investments have done reasonably well, but I've read disturbing reports about St James's Place. Should I have concerns? Should I have found an independent financial adviser?

Glyn | Essex | 09/08/2018 | 6

  • Funds
Holly Mackay's Response

How can I pimp my credit score?

Sonia | Greater London | 09/08/2018 | 2

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Holly Mackay's Response
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