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What are your views on Fidelity Multi Asset Income Fund, please? To me it seems to be a stable, low risk fund, paying a good dividend in today's climate but it won't shoot the lights out. Only negative for me is that it seems to invest in a lot of other Fidelity funds investing in UK stuff.

Nigel | Bedfordshire | 06/08/2020 | 3

  • Funds
  • Funds - UK Shares
Holly Mackay's Response

The charges for my SIPP are around 1.5% per annum. When I look at other SIPP fees they are a lot lower than this. Am I paying over the top in charges?

Andrew | Greater Manchester | 04/08/2020 | 3

  • Private Pension
  • Pension
Holly Mackay's Response

I'm 22 and have a comfortable safety buffer in cash. I'm contributing to my workplace pension and into a Cash LISA. I would now like to put £100 a month into a Stocks and Shares ISA for at least ten years. However, I wanted to know if there is any possibility of reducing risk after this time? For example, could I perhaps transfer to a lower % Equity Fund?

Lucy | London | 02/08/2020 | 4

  • Stocks and Shares ISA
Holly Mackay's Response

When investing across a range of funds, should I be putting the same amount into each fund or tailoring the amount to the % split I'm looking for? What if the platform I'm using has a minimum regular investment? Do I need to up the total investment to cover the minimum on all funds, or rotate which fund gets what each time?

Simon | Nottinghamshire | 29/07/2020 | 1

  • Funds
Holly Mackay's Response
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