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I shall have £10k to invest shortly, and I want to use an actively managed portfolio in a quality company. How would you rate - Investec Click & Invest/True Potential Investor/Nutmeg on the basis of ROI/customer relationship/quality/risk factors etc? I would class myself as a mid-grade risk-taker/reasonably adventurous if appropriate, with a high quality company. I presently use Hargreaves Lansdown and Wealthify but feel the need to diversify. What do you recommend?

Richard | Shropshire | 03/10/2018 | 1

  • Online Investment Platforms
Holly Mackay's Response

The recent Metro article which Holly participated in has really inspired me and made me think that investing in shares is something which I would like to do. Unfortunately I am completely thrown about where to start. I would be grateful for any advice you could pass my way. Realistically, I would only have about 2k to invest, so any tips would be gratefully received.

Sarah-Jane | London | 12/09/2018 | 3

  • Stocks and Shares ISA
  • Cash
  • Online Investment Platforms
Holly Mackay's Response

Can I use the Help to Buy scheme to buy a house in Jamaica? Kind regards, Kishana

Kishana | Central | 11/09/2018 | 0

  • Lifetime ISA
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Phoebe Smith's Response

Is there a reason you don’t list Saga in your Best Buys? Additionally, I have purchased a few investment trust shares but can’t work out how the dividends are paid. Scottish Mortgage is an example. I wasn't given an option to choose how to receive the dividends. It would be useful if you could provide some clarity on how investment trusts pay their dividends.

Carl | Buckinghamshire | 07/09/2018 | 1

  • Shares
  • Online Investment Platforms
Holly Mackay's Response
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