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Can I use the Help to Buy scheme to buy a house in Jamaica? Kind regards, Kishana

Kishana | Central | 11/09/2018 | 0

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Phoebe Smith's Response

Is there a reason you don’t list Saga in your Best Buys? Additionally, I have purchased a few investment trust shares but can’t work out how the dividends are paid. Scottish Mortgage is an example. I wasn't given an option to choose how to receive the dividends. It would be useful if you could provide some clarity on how investment trusts pay their dividends.

Carl | Buckinghamshire | 07/09/2018 | 1

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Holly Mackay's Response

My wife, 56, is still working but has a final salary scheme which she is drawing as well - currently £26k per annum. Her current employer's pension scheme is defined contribution, and her fund stands at £1.050m. Therefore, her total pension is around £1.57m. We protected her Lifetime Allowance at £1.25m, but all growth will now be taxed at the excess rate. My idea is to take the 25% tax free amount out of the defined contribution pot, and reinvest it in the same funds as the pension. This will then remove growth on the 25% from the excess tax rate to a capital gain when sold, thereby saving a considerable amount of tax. Am I right?

Rod | Hampshire | 05/09/2018 | 1

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Danny Cox's Response

My wife and I have recently separated. The equity in the house is going to be split 50/50. We don't have any other meaningful assets. We have agreed to co-parent the children equally. My wife is requesting that I pay child maintenance, child care and school expenses. A CMS document states that shared child care results in no child maintenance payments. However, I do agree with the child care and school expenses payments. Our daughter has Autism Spectrum Disorder, so my wife gets a Disability Living Allowance for her and also works full time. If I don't pay the child maintenance, child care and school expenses, my wife is threatening to claim spousal maintenance, and take half my pension. Should I pay the £350/month or take my chances in court?

D | Lincolnshire | 03/09/2018 | 0

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Catherine Morgan's Response
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