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These are unprecedented and scary times. Even the most seasoned investors are feeling nervous. We will do our best to take your questions and share opinions and ideas from our network of financial professionals.

Every day we will tackle a specific question in our new Video Series – Stockmarket Meltdown – and publish your questions (we won’t publish full names or any contact details) with some expert answers.

We are not regulated to give personal financial advice – we can comment generally but can’t give specific answers to detailed personal circumstances, nor suggest any individual investments. Please keep your questions generic and don’t ask us which stocks to buy or sell!

What we can do is to share a general opinion or suggest where you can go for more reading or help.

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I am a self-employed sole trader. Would my pension contributions count as a Business Expense, incurred in running a small business?

Anna | Warwickshire | 11/06/2019 | 7

  • Private Pension
Danny Cox's Response

As a U.S. passport holder as well as a British citizen living in the UK, are there certain things I can't invest in?

Megan | Scotland | 11/06/2019 | 0

  • Private Pension
  • Stocks and Shares ISA
  • Shares
Zoë Dagless's Response

I have an ISA with Investec Click and Invest which is closing down, and I have to find somewhere else to invest the money. Which are some providers of a similar nature? I am considering either medium risk or high risk accounts.

Michael | Surrey | 10/06/2019 | 0

  • Stocks and Shares ISA
Holly Mackay's Response

I have been putting £50/month for each of my two children into a pension with Hargreaves Lansdown. In light of the costs of investing highlighted on this website, should I move to somewhere with lower charges, or stay-put? Alternatively, would I be better to put money into a Lifetime ISA for each of them instead?

Stuart | Cambridgeshire | 06/06/2019 | 4

  • Private Pension
  • Lifetime ISA
Holly Mackay's Response
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