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How can I pimp my credit score?

Sonia | Greater London | 09/08/2018 | 2

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Holly Mackay's Response

I wanted an investment trust with an income, so I put £10,000 into The Investment Company. It delivers a reliable quarterly dividend but the capital value has dropped by 10% since I invested 2 years ago. What are your favourite investment trusts?

Fran | Greater London | 08/08/2018 | 4

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Mark Dampier's Response

Is there an average number of funds that one should ideally hold? I have in excess of 20. I am happy with my portfolio and coverage, but wonder if I have too many funds. The second part to the question is how long should you leave an underperforming fund?

Richard | Hertfordshire | 06/08/2018 | 3

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Holly Mackay's Response

I'm 24 and would like to begin investing. Am I better off using a robo advisor such as Wealthify/Wealthsimple or a fund such as Vanguard LifeStrategy?

Amanda | Greater London | 06/08/2018 | 6

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Holly Mackay's Response
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