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These are unprecedented and scary times. Even the most seasoned investors are feeling nervous. We will do our best to take your questions and share opinions and ideas from our network of financial professionals.

Every day we will tackle a specific question in our new Video Series – Stockmarket Meltdown – and publish your questions (we won’t publish full names or any contact details) with some expert answers.

We are not regulated to give personal financial advice – we can comment generally but can’t give specific answers to detailed personal circumstances, nor suggest any individual investments. Please keep your questions generic and don’t ask us which stocks to buy or sell!

What we can do is to share a general opinion or suggest where you can go for more reading or help.

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We were very sad to learn recently that Investec's Click and Invest was to be closed. We'd prefer to keep our ISA with a managed service, such as the one offered by Click and Invest, but will consider the DIY option if that proves to be the best on offer. Which platforms are well regarded ISA providers? I'd rather not go with a digital start-up offering, but a more established player.

Mr & Mrs S. | Sussex | 30/05/2019 | 3

  • Stocks and Shares ISA
Holly Mackay's Response

I’m in my 30s and live in London. I have savings in cash but I’ve never tried any ISAs, stocks etc. before. I am looking for some suggestions as to the types of products I should use to begin investing. Instinct is telling me to keep 50% of my savings in a safe investment, 30% in a medium risk investment, 10% in higher risk, and keep 10% for emergencies. I’m making nothing keeping the cash in the bank!

Lisle | London | 30/05/2019 | 5

  • Private Pension
  • Stocks and Shares ISA
  • Lifetime ISA
  • Cash
Tommy Watson's Response

How can I find out how my Aviva SIPP pension is performing against the competition? I'm 51. The fund value is £161K and it was opened a year ago. Appreciate any tips.

Danny | London | 30/05/2019 | 1

  • Private Pension
  • Pension
Holly Mackay's Response

We currently have a Scottish Mortgage fund with Baillie Gifford. But we’ve received a letter stating that they plan to transfer us to Hargreaves Lansdown. Is this a good idea or should we look elsewhere? - Charles Stanley Direct, for example?

Matthew | London | 30/05/2019 | 4

  • Funds
Holly Mackay's Response
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