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Should I invest in ETFs on Vanguard?

18 October 2021

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Question by Phill

Hi, would it be better for me to invest in ETFs using Vanguard or in a Vanguard ETF on Trading212 or a similar platform? Surely Trading212 is the clear winner due to no fees? What am I missing?

Answered by Boring Money

Hi Phill

There are two different questions here: One relating to the best platform to use for holding and trading your investments, and the other which type of investment holdings to invest in.

Generally due to increasing competition, most platforms can be compared on a like for like basis, so ad-hoc and ongoing fees need to be considered when selecting the right platform but it's important to undertake proper due diligence and ensure there's no hidden charges, as well as regulatory authorization to ensure you benefit from the retail client protection within the UK.

You may find that the underlying ETF investment options offered by Vanguard are the same across the two platforms, but they may differ in costs when the additional platform, plan and trading costs are considered.



Answered by

Boring Money