Any ideas as to which fund/where I might invest to get good returns?

14 March 2022

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Question by Danny

I am 67. I have £150k to invest and I want good returns. Any ideas as to which fund/where I might invest?


Answered by Boring Money

Hi Danny,

An important starting point is to define for yourself what 'good returns' look like and how long you are investing for. If you want to have higher longer-term returns you need to accept the chance of higher losses in the short-term (anything up to 50% in a year if you are fully invested in the stock markets). If you don't think you could stomach short-term losses then you have to give up some long-term growth.

In terms of where to invest a diversified portfolio will invest in the main global stock markets and bonds of global governments. A balanced portfolio would be somewhere in the region of 60% bonds: 40% shares to 40% bonds : 60% shares.

All the evidence shows that higher fund charges do not equate to higher returns so keeping fund charges as low as possible is a good principle to remember. Fund managers such as Vanguard, HSBC and L&G all have a range of low cost index funds. Vanguard's Life Strategies range is popular with investors who want to keep things simple.

I hope this helps.


Answered by

Boring Money