Any thoughts on Invest Engine as a provider?

16 December 2021

Question by Nick

Mulling over ISA funds and Vanguard Lifestyles in particular. A friend has said I should think about Invest Engine but can't find anything in BM about them. I know they're newish but what do you reckon? Anything to be published? Thanks.

Answered by Boring Money

Hi Nick,

There appear to be no charges on Invest Engine to hold ETFs.

If you have decided that ETFs are the best option for you, then a way to buy, sell and hold them with no fees sounds good.

I am always a little skeptical when things sounds too good to be true, and look forward to being proven wrong.

From the reviews I could see online, the majority were positive.

A lot of these "robo" websites struggle and do not survive and I hope this is not another one.

I believe they offer an ISA at the moment but not yet a Pension.

Hopefully we will see an official Boring Money review soon!


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Boring Money