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Can I hold multiple funds within one ISA, or do I need to open new ISAs with another provider?

24 January 2022

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Question by George

All of my investments are currently with AJ Bell. I have an ISA which is invested in an AJ Bell Cautious Fund and an AJ Bell Balanced Fund. I also have a small GIA in their moderately adventurous fund. In your Webinar last night you recommended holding several funds. Does that mean I need to go to another provider if I want to open new ISAs?

Answered by Oliver McDonald

Hi George,

Thank you for your question.

You can hold several funds within one ISA. You don't necessarily need to open separate ISAs. Most platform providers have access to thousands of funds.

Some people choose just one globally diversified portfolio/fund of funds, which invests in many funds for you.

Hope that helps.


Answered by

Oliver McDonald

Director & Independent Financial Adviser

I have worked in financial services for 15 years gaining extensive experience in financial planning. I am a people person. You will rarely find me explaining complex spreadsheets or using jargon. I keep my conversations at a high level and realised early on that financial planning is all about helping my clients achieve the lifestyle they want in future. I work with individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs. I specialise in retirement planning, investments and business protection.