Can I move an old Child Trust Fund?

Suzanne | Greater London| 08/05/2018 | 0

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Can I move an old Child Trust Fund?

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In 2015 changes came in that meant that as the parent you now have the choice of transferring to a junior ISA if you wish.


This was a victory to parents for these babies born between September 2002 and January 2011, as Child Trust Funds (CTFs) were a great idea but pay worse rates than junior ISAs, available for children born outside these dates.


Both accounts allow up to £3,840 to be saved tax-free. CTFs were set up with Government vouchers of between £50 and £250, but parents are not given vouchers to fund junior ISAs.


Money in a CTF or a junior Isa cannot be withdrawn until the child's 18th birthday.


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