Can I top up my ISA with the amount that I have paid out in fees to my adviser?

25 October 2021

Question by Karen

I have an ISA worth about £200k and have been paying advisor fees and 0.5% platform fees which were taken from the ISA monthly. I have contributed the full £20k this year. I have now left the advisor but have paid £1500+ fees from the ISA this tax year, can I top up my ISA to replace the fees?

Answered by Boring Money

Hi Karen,

Thank you for your question.

Most ISAs nowadays are Flexible ISAs and will allow you to top them back up to £20,000 if fees have been deducted.

As you are no longer with the Adviser, the best thing to do is contact your ISA provider directly and ask them what your options are.

I hope that helps!


Answered by

Boring Money