Can I transfer my current pensions pots to Vanguard in 4 different goes?

02 March 2022

Question by Terry

I have a pension with another company which was set up for me. The money is in different account numbers with different amounts. Can I transfer them to vanguard in 4 different goes?

Answered by Tim Brienza

Hi Terry,

Vanguard should be able to assist with this so long as you have the policy numbers you wish to transfer.

Are the different account numbers all separate pensions? In which case it would likely need to be four separate requests. If they are separate holdings/funds within one pension then it's likely you'll only need one policy number and therefore one transfer request.

However, depending on the type of pension that your other company opted you into, it may come with some benefits and guarantees that you would be giving up by transferring.

You might want to engage with a Financial Planner to not only analyse your existing company pension, but also to assess Vanguard with the view to reviewing it's suitability for you as your pension provider going forward.

Hope this helps!


Answered by

Tim Brienza

Chartered Financial Planner

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