Can my wife buy 10 years towards the state pension?

10 February 2022

Question by Simon

My wife has insufficient NI to qualify for any state pension . She only worked a few hours a week but was not on any benefits. I read that she can buy the last 6 years but can she buy 10 years?

Answered by Matt Angell

Hi Simon,

Have you asked for a state pension forecast for your wife? If not this can be accessed at

This will give you a clear view of the gaps she has and will also give you the option of buying additional years.

It is possible to buy more than 6 years but to do you have to be eligible.
For example, if your wife was born after 5th April 1953 then this maybe be possible to cover the years April 2006 - April 2016.

Hope this helps with your query

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Matt Angell

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