Can someone help me find the best Stocks and Shares ISAs for me please?

07 June 2022

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Question by Cat

Hi there, I think I have analysis paralysis! Been researching stocks and shares ISA's and feel overwhelmed. Can someone help me find the best one for me please?

Answered by Boring Money

Hi Cat

It's very easy to slip into analysis paralysis - don't worry, you're not alone!

First, I suggest you find which investment fund/s or shares you want to invest in.
To help with this, you should work out how much risk you feel comfortable taking, bearing in mind your current and likely future financial position. Consider things like how much you can afford to risk, how comfortable you are taking risk generally and when you're going to need to access that money in future.

Then once you know where you want to invest, you can use this tool on the Boring Money website to compare Stocks and Shares ISA providers:

If you've identified funds or shares you want to invest in, ensure they're available on the investment platform you like the look of. Otherwise, they may have tools and ready-made portfolios matched to your risk appetite to invest into.

There's a really good article on the Boring Money website about Stock and Shares ISAs considerations here:

A tip I have personally, is that if after all this you *still* have analysis paralysis, then you have two options to move forward:

1) Get bespoke financial advice, which will cost you but will guide you through the decision making and possibly help you come to a better outcome than you may arrive at yourself

2) If you don't want/need or want to pay for advice, then I suggest you just go ahead and invest. You may lose a little if you get it wrong, but that is the cost of investing and you'll soon learn where you instead want to put your money if you do get it wrong initially. At least then you'll be on your investment journey!

I'd be happy to discuss this further with you if it'd help!

With best wishes


Answered by

Boring Money