Can you access a UK SIPP abroad if you decide to live overseas in retirement?

13 April 2022

Question by A

If you have a SIPP in the UK, can you access it abroad if you decide to live overseas in retirement?

Answered by Robert Powell

Hi A,

There is no obvious reason why you can't access the monies whilst overseas, however you will likely need to consider:

-the administrators ability to pay money to an overseas bank account
- if you have the money paid to a UK bank account, do you have appropriate bank documentation / proof of address to confirm your identity to the administrators satisfaction
- if you are resident for tax in a foreign country, what are the tax implications of accessing your pensions whilst overseas? Do you pay tax in the UK, or overseas, or both?



Answered by

Robert Powell

Senior Chartered Financial Adviser

I am originally from Epsom but now call Brighton home. I have been advising since 2011, qualified as a Chartered Financial Adviser and also hold the title Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.