Can you give me some advice on paying child maintenance?

01 December 2021

Question by Robert

Here's my question.

I share 50/50 custody for my daughter, I don't pay child maintenance but we split costs for everything such as sports clubs, school uniform etc.

I'm in the military and getting sent away for 4 months. What is the ruling in this situation in regards to paying maintenance? My daughter's mum hasn't asked for anything yet, but I know she will. Her mum is in receipt of the normal child benefit.

I was going to offer small payments of what I think I pay each month for food etc. But what is the actual ruling?
Thank you

Answered by Boring Money


I would say this is a legal question rather than a financial one and probably depends upon the terms of the divorce (assuming you were married in the first place). If you were and and obtained legal advice during the divorce proceedings your lawyer should be able to answer it.

Sorry, I can't provide a fuller answer but I have found this article which provides some information: It shouldn't be taken as official regulations but will give you some info to help your research.

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Boring Money