Can you please advise on the best secure investment provider?

02 September 2021

Question by S

I have investment ISA with legal and general and they are suggesting to transfer to Fidelity. Can you please advise on the best secure investment provider? Thanks

Answered by Matt Angell

Hi S,

I would imagine the reason for the suggestion from Legal & General is because Fidelity is taking over the running of their investment ISA clients. Fidelity are certainly a very large organisation.

What's interesting in your question is what "secure" means for you? As in my experience, this could be one of the following
* financially strong providers
* You do not want to take any risk and want something more in line with cash.

It's very difficult to recommend the best provider which will be the best fit for you but some of the things to consider when you are looking for one that suits your needs maybe be:
* Financially strong businesses?
* Accessibility, do you wish to have an app to be able to follow your investments?
* Your investment timeframe and what your plans are for the money?
* Do you have the ability to absorb losses if the investments don't perform?
* The amount of risk you wish to take?
* Do you have the knowledge and experience to choose the right investment funds?

The above are some of the areas we discuss with individuals before we start the research phase before providing advice for clients.

Hope this helps your thought process and if you need any more support please ask further questions

Answered by

Matt Angell

Founder & Financial Planner

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