Can you suggest what I invest in at 76 years of age?

28 February 2022

Question by Jekison

At 76 years of age can you suggest to invest in?

Answered by Bodie Dove

Hi Jekison

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately with limited information it isn't really possible to accurately answer but things you may want to consider are;

How long do you wish to invest for? Most investments are Medium - Long Term, think 5-15 years

How much risk do you want to take? When you invest there is always a risk you could lose some money, lower risk generally lower returns whilst higher risk can provider higher potential rewards.

How much are you prepared to lose? What is your capacity for loss, is this all the money you have or is this money you can afford to invest that doesn't affect your daily standard of living?

What are your goals/objectives? Are you trying to generate Income, Capital Growth or are you using investments for Estate planning, what is the likelihood of achieving your goals and objectives?

With more information I would be in a much better position to provide you some guidance. If like to arrange a free initial call to discuss this further please feel free to contact me or 07507443388

Answered by

Bodie Dove

Chartered Financial Planner

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