Cash ISAs vs Stocks and Shares ISAs

24 July 2023

Question by Margot

I'm 71. I've held funds in ISAs invested over 5 years from 1996-2001 which I've never changed, all in smaller company growth stocks and an investment trust in FAV outside of an ISA which I need to bed and ISA before 6 April. My portfolio value is approx 100,000K. I'm in a turmoil as to which platform to move my investments to, I must be paying trail commission on these investments. Also, I have twice as much in cash because I wasn't experienced enough to make my own decisions and I didn't trust anyone. I have no dependents. Do you think I should just put it all into cash ISAs rather than stress over where to invest and paying hefty fees? I just selected the highest age group in order to complete the questionnaire.

Answered by Lee Wells


You seem to have paid commission and received little to no advice over the years, the result may be that your funds could have performed better, your charges may have been lower, and you would have had less in cash.

Hefty is of course subjective, but if you do want someone to advise where you are best to invest moving forwards (including cash), then perhaps you should consider trying to find someone you can trust and paying fees you are comfortable with.

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Answered by

Lee Wells

Managing Partner - Financial Planner

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