Do I have to pay child maintenance if there is a shared care order in place?

13 October 2022

Question by Mark

Hi, I have just been through the court process, I was looking for complete equality time wise (Which was one extra day a week) and also shared care. I was given the shared care order, meaning my daughter no longer lives with her mother and visits me, she now is classed as living with us both. They also awarded one extra day a fortnight, so I have her 6 out of 14 nights. This whole process has never been about money but now there is a shared care order in place. Do I still have to pay maintenance?

Answered by Boring Money

Hi Mark

Thanks for your question. My understanding is that you wouldn't have to pay child maintenance in this situation, if it is being paid through the child maintenance service. However, if there is a court order, it depends on the wording of the court order. It is worth considering, as from your message I am sure you will, whether your daughter will be in a better position with you paying child maintenance or not, as some parents continue to pay even when they don't have to.

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Boring Money