Do you have any book recommendations around financial products?

16 July 2020

Question by Patrick

Good evening, Although I have had investments (all ISAs, all in managed portfolios) for almost twenty years now, I...still do not properly understand financial markets, personal finance and investing. I've tried to read books a long time ago but usually gave up straight away because none of them explained the basics (and I mean the basics) but took for granted prior knowledge. (I even did a free online course which left me none the wiser!) Would you by any chance know of any introductory book that explains well (i.e. in plain language) the different kind of financial products and funds / investment "vehicles", what to look out for before investing as well as the effects of events on the financial / stock markets or the economy (e.g. inflation, the appreciation or depreciation of currencies, etc.)? I have come across authors like David Swensen, William Bernstein and John Bogle — all of whom are US investors. Many thanks for any recommendations!

Answered by Boring Money

Hi Patrick, Thanks for your question.

One of the books I recommend to help clients at the beginning is "Money Moments" by Jason Butler. You might also find Jason's videos about investing useful. He has a YouTube channel called Jason Butler Financial Wellbeing which is worth looking up.

You might also want to check out Pete Matthew's Meaningful Money podcast, which has many episodes on the subject of personal finance and investing. I hope that helps!

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Boring Money