Do you have any info on King & Shaxson Ethical Balanced?

04 February 2022

Question by Ian

Hi. Do you have any info on King & Shaxson Ethical Balanced?

Answered by Adam Holt

Hello Ian,

King & Shaxson are not a company that I have used for myself personally or for my clients, however I can help you with some of the basic info on their Ethical Balanced fund. On their website they have a 'fact sheet' section under the 'platform mps' tab, you can open a pdf document regarding the Ethical Balanced fund dated 31st December 2021. This is the most up to date document for now, but considering we are just entering February, a new one should follow soon for Jan 2022. The fact sheet will provide key information such as the charges, risk level, fund managers objective, ethical classification, past performance, top holdings, geographical holdings and asset allocation.

One thing to note is that this is a 'fund of funds', therefore you will be paying a fee to the fund manager being King & Shaxson, but also to the fund managers who have holdings within the fund itself. This will obviously add extra cost, however should you give you further diversification.

The performance section shows you how the fund has performend net of its management fees on a cumultive and discrete (year on year) basis. But please do note that past performance is no guarantee for future returns.

Not knowing you as an individual, makes it is hard for me to comment on whether this is the right type of investment for you. However, I hope this basic breakdown provides you with some info for your research.

Any questions, do let me know.

Answered by

Adam Holt

Independent Financial Adviser

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