Do you know any providers that let you fully manage your investment but also allow you to purchase stocks and shares separately within the ISA limit?

04 April 2022

Question by Aman

Hi - I'm interested in transferring my stocks and shares ISA to a provider that can fully manage my investment but also leave me with an option to purchase stocks and shares seperately to the fully managed plan but still within my ISA limit - do you providers offer this service?

Answered by Adam McCallion

Hi Aman

This is a great question. In my experience providers struggle with this, as your ISA "wrapper" tends to be set up as either an advisory, discretionary or execution only mandate and once nominated they struggle to split it. As you want a blend, I think you may find it hard to get this mix, at least in the cost effective retail space. Perhaps the easiest way is to manage the execution and advice separately. In other words, take advice for the elements you need, buy the advice report and execute the purchases yourself via a self managed ISA. Would this work for you?



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Adam McCallion

Financial Adviser & Wealth Manager

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