Fisher Investments v St James Place?

14 February 2023

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Question by Stephen

Fisher Investments v St James Place?

Answered by Boring Money

Hi Stephen

Can I ask, what is it you are asking for as a comparison?

Fisher Investments and St James Place are both restricted financial advisers, who run portfolios of investment in-house.

Depending on the service you pay for, you may end up with a managed portfolio, or you may end up with this plus a financial adviser providing you with advice.

I can't claim to be an expert on either of these companies and only those who do currently, or have previously, worked for them can.

If you are looking for financial planning, which gives you advice on your full financial picture, as well as advice on any investments you want to make, then in my own personal opinion you would be better off avoiding either of these two providers and searching for chartered or certified independent financial planners, of which there are many around.

All the best


Answered by

Boring Money