Has anyone else had issues obtaining a tax certificate from AJ Bell?

30 July 2021

Question by Malcolm

Has anyone else had issues obtaining a tax certificate from AJ Bell? I received / located mine from Hargraves Landsdown, Nutmeg and Fidelity with no issues. Yet AJ Bell's online chat service told me they are not issuing them and I have to go through each of my cash statements to calculate for the tax year. I found that very surprising and rather poor.

Answered by Boring Money

Hi Malcolm,

That is strange to have not got a tax certificate if you hold a non-tax wrapped account with AJ Bell. I got in contact with AJ Bell for you and this was the response from their tax management team:

"We annually issue consolidated tax certificates (CTCs) to non-tax wrapped accounts (mainly dealing accounts) that have had reportable income and/or Capital Gains Tax (CGT) transactions within the tax year to provide customers with the information needed to assist them with completing their annual tax return. We do not, however, issue CTCs to tax-wrapped accounts, such as individual ISA or SIPP accounts, as these are accounts that would not be subject to income tax or CGT on any income/gains received in these accounts.

The only exception to this is 3rd party SIPP accounts where we will still provide an income schedule.- this is just in case the trustee(s) of the SIPP is required to reclaim income tax incorrectly deducted from property income (only the trustee(s) in a SIPP can reclaim this from HMRC, so while we provide this service to individual SIPPs we are unable to do this for 3rd party SIPPs).

Without knowing the underlying customer and account(s) I can’t confirm why they may have been told we are not issuing CTCs, but we have now done so for accounts with reportable information. If the customer believes they should have received a CTC on their account but has not, they can get in touch with us and we will look into it (and issue a certificate if one should have been produced)."

From that response and the information on the AJ Bell website, they only issue tax certificates for Dealing accounts, so you won’t receive a tax certificate for any other account you hold with them.

If you do hold a dealing account with them, you should be able to find the tax certificate by logging in, and from the ‘My account menu’, clicking ‘Documents’. Then from the ‘Document type’ dropdown, choose ‘Annual tax summary’.

I hope this helps and doesn’t just confirm what you already knew.


Answered by

Boring Money