Have more people made money or lost money in crypto?

11 July 2022

Question by J

Over time, have more people made money, or lost money, through investing in crypto?

Answered by Simon Peters

There is a saying when it comes to investing - it’s time in the markets rather than timing the markets. Because it tends to be at the higher end of the risk curve, generally investing in crypto is viewed with a long term time horizon.

If you look at the price of Bitcoin since its inception on average the price has increased over time. Not to say that this will continue to be the case going forward but crypto (and the real world implementation of blockchain) is still in its nascency and the technology has the potential to change global economies and commerce as a whole - it is the fastest growing technology we’ve ever seen.

As the asset class matures and we see more participants join, theoretically the value within the network would increase and in turn the prices of the individual coins or tokens.

Answered by

Simon Peters

Cryptoasset Analyst

Simon Peters is a cryptoasset analyst at eToro, with a detailed knowledge of crypto markets and the crypto industry.