Have Quilter under performed in the last 3 years?

19 December 2022

Question by Anthony

Have Quilter under performed in the last 3 years?

Answered by Boring Money

Hi Anthony, It depends on which specific quilter investments you are referring to. Whilst the economic climate has been difficult generally over the past 3 years, some investments have naturally faired better than others over this period. You should be able to find fund factsheets or KIID documents which should have been provided with any formal recommendations by your adviser. These specifically give information on the investment(s) within your portfolio. Here you will typically find past performance information which will benchmark the fund(s) against their peer group and/or an index. This will provide some context as to how the Quilter investments have performed in a peer group. As part of our service to prospective clients, we would always give some analysis and commentary as to the appropriateness and performance of existing investments. The investments may have underperformed due to a number of reasons which could be down to the way the fund is invested (the geographical or sector spread), the investment aims of the fund or it could even be due to excessive charges either within the fund or the advice charges levied by the adviser. Typically we find Quilters fees to be higher than average in the market.

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Boring Money